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For over 30 years, Dr. Rocco B. Carella has provided dental services for children and families in Connecticut and New York. Beginning in 1987, Dr. Carella started as a general practitioner in a hospital setting, gaining advanced clinical experience that serves as the foundation for his bedside manner, diagnostic techniques, and surgical skills. 


During Dr. Carellas time as a Clinical Assistant for the Department of Oral Maxillary Facial Surgery at Elmerst Hospital he was responsible for the treatment of mentally or physically disabled children and adolescents in the operation room. He also gained much experience with people with other disabilities such as 9/11 survivors who were diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dr. Carella strives for compassion and care for all of his clients.


Dr. Carella has experience in every phase of dental medicine. Starting with basic exams and cleaning, Dr. Carella will make sure that every patient he sees has the foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth. In the event of gum disease, cavities, lost or broken teeth, or cosmetic defects, Dr. Carella can provide a range of services. His experience includes extractions, crowns, implants, emergency dental work, and other surgeries designed to restore the function and appearance of the teeth and jaw.


At Rocco B. Carella Family Dentistry, we strive to create a relaxing and compassionate environment for our patients. Here, we want to make sure that everyone can feel comfortable and safe, even if they haven’t been to see a dentist in a while. With our experience, we’ll be able to make certain that every one of our patients can leave the office with a happy smile.

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"Dr. Carella's staff is wonderful! I broke my tooth and they were able to get me in immediately and answer all my questions. I would 100% recommend this practice to anyone."

Stephanie W

"Dr. Carella is a great dentist -- caring, helpful, and gentle! He presently has a great team working with him as well. "

Tink R

"I woke up Sunday with a toothache. It couldn’t have been at a worse time, Memorial Day weekend I contacted my Dentist Doctor Carella. He asked me s number of questions and asked me if I felt I could wait until the office reopened on Tuesday morning. I said I thought so. I explained that the pain wasn’t that bad, I was just worried about the tooth getting worse and the swelling getting worse. He immediately called in a prescription for an antibiotic and Motrin for pain. This relived my concerns and consequently any more discomfort. Doctor Carella called me Tuesday morning and saw me early Tuesday afternoon. I was so impressed with his genuine concern and his professionalism. His assistant was so caring and reassured me throughout the procedure. I had never had a root canal before but I have heard horror stories about them. Well I’m here to say it wasn’t that way for me. Doctor Carella was amazing. Thanks again for saving my tooth😊👍"

Barbera C